Physical Therapy and the CORONAVirus

The increased incidence of clinical cases of Coronavirus in the world today begs the question of a cure with some level of permanence. While a ton of scientists and health professionals at the forefront of combating this epidemic would be grateful if a cure emerged, a lot of attention has duly been shifted to prevention. How can we prevent this? This is so because the mode of transmission of the virus has been shown to be via aerosol and through mucus membranes. So contact should be avoided if you’re one to be conscious enough to not insert your fingers into your eyes, nose, and mouth.

The other narrative we see in this disease is the narrative of the susceptible. Who is susceptible? This forms the basis of this article. The World Health Organization and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention released a report that the elderly and immunosuppressed individuals are more likely to be infected with the Coronavirus while the young, agile and healthy immunocompetent individuals will encounter fewer threats.

How does physiotherapy come in?

It boosts the immune system. In these times, an immune booster becomes pertinent.

Now, although physiotherapy should not be regarded as the only intervention in boosting the immune system, it evidently helps.

The adrenal glands in our bodies produce a certain stress hormone called cortisol when there are stress conditions as part of the flight and fight response of the body and also in our sleep. Anything these days can induce stress in its varied forms from mental stress to financial to emotional stress… anything…. So cortisol is released. However, physical activity such as exercise can help combat stress by reducing the release when these exercises are regulated. So Call A Physio. You will need to have your physiotherapist schedule exercises that will suit your health needs.

Do you get the picture now?

When we exercise, our body temperature increases and after a while drops to normal, hence cooling the body. This increase and decrease in body temperature is bacteriostatic and will prevent the growth of certain bacteria. Bacterial infections are usually opportunistic in the face of viral infections and should be prevented.

Cardiovascular strength is enhanced with exercise and breathing pathways are cleared therefore reducing the risk of respiratory infections.

invariably, chest physiotherapy (such as deep breathing exercises, active cycle breathing exercises techniques, modified incentive spirometry) is effective for pneumonia which is one of the COVID-19(Coronavirus) symptoms.

Furthermore, according to Krause 2003, the number of Natural Killer cells, an integral part of innate immune response is proportional to the lean muscle mass. This invariably infers that good muscle mass is a crucial investment in guarding against morbidity.

In conclusion

Prevention will always be a preferred route to cure. Call-A-Physio encourages you to be safe, wash and sanitize your hands regularly, keep up with good nutrition and exercises, take vitamins and supplements as prescribed by your doctor and lead healthy lives.

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