The True Cost of Wearing Heels

Every woman loves a good pair of heels. Speaking frankly. Heels give the va-va-voom effect to any outfit. Strappy heels, court heels, female Timberland Shoes, Christian Louboutin, name it. I feel like heels also work your feet giving you gym effects on the go. That’s one school of thought though. True or not, ladies wear heels for a lot of reasons. I wear them to give a slender appearance to my full look.

High school physics teaches us about the centre of gravity and how it impacts balance. A wide base has a higher centre of gravity than a narrow one. A high vehicle, say, a motor truck has a low centre of gravity than a sports car. A woman in heels has a reduced centre of gravity than one in flats. This is just science. Hence, her balance is off in heels.

Wearing Flat shoes versus Wearing Heels

Now let’s push in a little. When you wear heels your body weight is pushed forward. This account for the frequent pain women feel in their feet after wearing one for an awful long time leading to pronounced postural change. There is increased pressure in the forefoot, ankle, knees, even hips and low back. If  you experience low back pain already, it would get worse with heels

There are increased risks of tendon injuries, sprained ankle, pain around the knee joint, calf injuries and the likes. Muscles are tensed and rigid, there’s misalignment in the spine giving an exaggerating curve in the lower back


Next time you wear heels, observe the changes in your body. If you experience pain of any sort (or sometimes even if you don’t), do well to Call-A-Physio. Our physiotherapists will provide you with useful therapy to alleviate the pain, help you with home exercises and advice you on use of heels if you must wear them.

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